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  1. Description: The tools you need to build functional and stylish applications for Windows, mobile, and the Web. Infragistics Professional includes great performance, ease of use, and styling, a full suite of UI components that allows you to develop across all browsers, ... Read more

  2. Description: A suite of 100+ Windows Forms UI controls allows you to quickly build stylable user interfaces that deliver superior experiences. Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms is a mature, fully-featured Windows Forms product, with more than 100+ controls ... Read more

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    Description: Develop the ultimate desktop, web, or Mobile experience with rapid prototyping, enterprise-ready UI controls, and award-winning support. Infragistics Ultimate is a complete cross-platform/device developer and UX design toolset it makes it easy to build ... Read more

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    Description: Flexible, advanced ASP.NET controls allow you to quickly build and style superior user experiences with stability and performance. Infragistics Ultimate UI for ASP.NET help you accelerate your app development. Build intuitive, full-featured business ... Read more

  5. Description: Design enhanced user interfaces complete with rich toolbars and tabs. Designer Widgets is a collection of ActiveX components for VB that includes: Dockable Toolbar - to create floating toolbars of buttons that can be docked to the top, sides or bottom of ... Read more

  6. 6. Infragistics WebTab i

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Tab Components

    Description: Single row, multi-row and scrollable AJAX enabled tabs. Infragistics WebTab supports multiple tab orientations, includes an easy to use designer, and has built-in AJAX support. Infragistics WebTab includes advanced features you need to build your user ... Read more

  7. 7. Infragistics WinTab i

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Tab Components

    Description: Multiple tab metaphors for any layout requirement. Infragistics WinTab is a .NET Windows Forms control that provides many tabs for any occasion. WinTab, WinTabStrip and WinTabbedMdi give you a full set of features for a tab-metaphor user interface. With ... Read more

  8. Description: A Robust WPF Tab Control for All Occasions Give users quick access to your application's business content with the neat, scrollable, stackable, closable tabs of xamTabControl. Much like how its XAML markup nests, each tab acts as a natural container ... Read more

  9. Description: Add WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and .NET user interface functionality to your applications. NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF includes controls, designed and developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform plus you also ... Read more

  10. Description: Add, grid, ribbon, scheduling, toolbar, menu, listbar, tree, UI and editing functionality to ASP.NET and Silverlight applications. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Web Client is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for quickly building and styling ... Read more