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  1. Description: The tools you need to build functional and stylish applications for Windows, mobile, and the Web. Infragistics Professional includes great performance, ease of use, and styling, a full suite of UI components that allows you to develop across all browsers, ... Read more

  2. Description: A suite of 100+ Windows Forms UI controls allows you to quickly build stylable user interfaces that deliver superior experiences. Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms is a mature, fully-featured Windows Forms product, with more than 100+ controls ... Read more

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    Description: Master your enterprise development with speed, scalability, touch support all found in these WPF controls. Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF includes the time-saving controls you need with the lightning-fast, touch-friendly WPF controls. Business and ... Read more

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    Description: Develop the ultimate desktop, web, or Mobile experience with rapid prototyping, enterprise-ready UI controls, and award-winning support. Infragistics Ultimate is a complete cross-platform/device developer and UX design toolset it makes it easy to build ... Read more

  5. Description: Design enhanced user interfaces complete with rich toolbars and tabs. Designer Widgets is a collection of ActiveX components for VB that includes: Dockable Toolbar - to create floating toolbars of buttons that can be docked to the top, sides or bottom of ... Read more

  6. Description: Maximize screen real estate with pinning and docking. Maximize your users screen real-estate by creating complex layouts using Infragistics WinDockManager. With Infragistics WinDockManager, Windows can be grouped with horizontal or vertical splits, ... Read more

  7. Description: A WPF docking control for powerful user interface and layout customization. Deliver the user interface your users want to work in with the xamDockManager, a docking and layout management control for your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) user ... Read more

  8. Description: Add WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and .NET user interface functionality to your applications. NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF includes controls, designed and developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform plus you also ... Read more

  9. Description: Add, grid, ribbon, scheduling, toolbar, menu, listbar, tree, UI and editing functionality to your .NET Windows Forms and WPF applications. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Win Client is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for quickly building and ... Read more

  10. Description: Ribbons, toolbars, taskpanes and toolstrips - a tool for every situation. Infragistics WinToolBars provides advanced toolbars, taskpan and Office 2007 Ribbon for Windows Forms applications. Sophisticated navigation and toolbar capabilities can be added to ... Read more