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    Description: An ergonomic environment for Go development. GoLand is an IDE for Go development. It includes coding assistance and tool integrations specific for the Go language. GoLand provides clever completion, on-the-fly inspections and quick-fixes, navigation and ... Read more

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    Description: Develop .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin or Unity applications on Windows, Mac or Linux. Rider supports .NET Framework, the new cross-platform .NET Core, and Mono based projects. This lets you develop a wide array of applications including .NET desktop ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Maintenance release includes bug fixes. Can't create backup on a fresh YouTrack installation Exception - fixed. Fixed init servlet java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Display progress for agent-side SVN checkouts. Display progress for agent-side SVN checkouts. Smooth out VCS root polling. Docker images for Windows 1709. Powershell runner - show script content in build configuration settings view tab. Delete unused ... Read more

  5. Release Notes: Improves uncommenting for SQL nested comments. Improves uncommenting for SQL nested comments. Added support for a method separator in plsql packages. IntelliJ IDEA Unlimited re-sizing in Diagrams when scrolling with Mouse Wheel. Focus jumps to parent ... Read more

  6. Customer Review: Must have! 5 Germany ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds improvements to the code formatting engine, and Extract Method refactoring to support the latest C# versions. ReSharper Features Debugger features - New debugging features for Visual Studio: local variables, current line expressions, and function ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds structured binding declarations, inline variables, function return type deduction and type checking for lambdas. Debugger features - Local variables, function parameters, current line expressions and function return values are now displayed inline ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds new discussions filter in all code views. Updated code intelligence engine - Upsource 2017.3 comes bundled with the IDEA 2017.3 engine which means that the newest inspections provided by IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, WebStorm, and PyCharm are also ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Drag-n-drop several objects from the database tree view to an editor. Database tree view Group data sources - Press F6 or choose Move to group… from the context menu. Drag-and-drop multiple objects - Now you can drag-n-drop several objects from the ... Read more