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  1. Customer Review: It's nice that the controls are all contained in a pair of ASP.NET DLLs. I'd like to see more controls like that, however the bugs left me with buyers remorse. The forums on the publisher web site contain issues that haven't been fixed for ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Customer Review: I have been developing web applications since 1997 and recently used this product for a web site that gets 20 million hits a week. The RapidSpell Web .NET accomplished the task and not only was the technical support outstanding, but also I had to make the ... Read more

  3. Customer Review: We use the control for our website. The RapidSpell Web controls is excellent and the technical support is outstanding. A+ I had some very unique programming requirements that required extensive customization for using the spellchecker within web pages and ... Read more

  4. Customer Review: Very quick and simple to implement, and excellent on line tutorial. One of the most painless components I have ever had to use andrew [Surrey, United Kingdom] 5 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Customer Review: RapidSpell is a great product and comes highly recommended; it links with TXTextControl too which is a great bonus. It's easy to get working 'straight out of the box' and on the one occasion when I need tech support they responded within ... Read more

  6. Customer Review: Yes - RapidSpell is an excellent spell checker; you won't make a wrong decision choosing it based on on features and performance alone. This is not the whole story though. Simply put, Keyoti tech support is truly first-rate. Even if RapidSpell were ... Read more

  7. Customer Review: Keyoti RapidSpell Desktop .NET is a must if you want to easily add spellchecking capabilities to your programs. It took me less than a day (!) to learn how to use it and to include it, with all features you expect to have, with my latest project. Since I ... Read more