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  1. 1. FindinSite-JS Archived

    What's New: What's New in V6.06 Indexing: Fix minor bug indexing PDFs What's New in V6.05 Indexing: Office 2007 formats supported: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX Languages: 13 more European languages supported in user interface Templates: %SEARCHTEXT% renamed to %SEARCH ... Read more

  2. What's New: What's New in Dynamic-CD for ASP V3.3.0.10 Windows 8 update V3.3.0.6 Licensing update Improved support for Request.BinaryRead Licensing update V3.2.1: Windows 7 support V3.2.0.4: Removed need for admin privileges under MS Vista V3.1.0 ... Read more

  3. 3. FindinSite-CD Archived

    What's New: FindinSite-CD 6.22 - What's New: Updated long term certificate FindinSite-CD 6.21 - What's New: Fixed issue with updated certificate FindinSite-CD 6.20 - What's New: Cope with problem with Java 1.7.0_40 - getDocumentBase() return null if ... Read more

  4. What's New: What's New in Conference-CD 1.7 Changed folder and file names used consistently What's New in Conference-CD 1.6 Index gets correct title from PDF files What's New in Conference-CD 1.5 Test mode: Bug fixed: Test mode changes lost in some ... Read more

  5. What's New: What's New in V3.8: Sub-menus supported Support "ProgramFilesDir (x86)" in file association commands, ie 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system. What's New in V3.7: Buttons now have configurable colours and font. What's New in V3 ... Read more

  6. What's New: What’s new in dotTrace 6.1? Timeline Profiling - A new profiling method is perfect for analyzing UI freezes, sync delays, excessive garbage collections, file I/O, and other interval events. New Profiling Experience - Slice and dice data using filters, the ... Read more

  7. What's New: What’s new in dotMemory 4.3? Sunburst Diagram - Just a quick look at the chart allows you to find out what objects are crucial for your app and evaluate the largest structures: The more memory a dominator retains, the larger the central angle. dotMemory ... Read more

  8. What's New: What's new in dotCover 3.1? Remote Code Coverage - Now you can run coverage analysis of unit tests on a remote machine and save resources on your local computer. Custom Coverage Scope - dotCover provides you with ability to include uncovered solution ... Read more