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    Description: A collection of tools to compare, synchronize, backup, analyze and more for SQL Server. SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to gain access to all the SQL Server tools that Red Gate currently produces, including new releases. This means that when you ... Read more

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    Description: Real-time SQL Server performance monitoring, with alerts and diagnostics. Red Gate SQL Monitor monitors the health and activity of your SQL Servers, providing you with intelligent alerts and recommendations in an intuitive interface and by email. SQL ... Read more

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    Description: Automatically populates databases with realistic test data. SQL Data Generator is a test data generator for MS SQL Server databases. With SQL Data Generator you can generate data in one click, creating realistic data based on column and table names. The ... Read more

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    Description: Seven essential tools for database administration. SQL DBA Bundle is a suite of SQL Server database tools including, SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor (formerly SQL Response), SQL Multi Script, SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Prompt and SQL Doc. With SQL DBA ... Read more

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    Description: Discover and classify sensitive data. SQL Data Catalog allows users to catalog their SQL Server data estate by applying classifications, as tags and free-text labels, to SQL Server objects. The taxonomy of tags and attributes to be applied is also created ... Read more

  6. Description: Silent compression for faster, smaller SQL Server backups. SQL HyperBac is an industry-proven backup compression and encryption tool for SQL Server. Once installed, SQL HyperBac's silent compression means that the tool simply listens for backup ... Read more

  7. Description: Recover database objects from SQL Server backups. SQL Object Level Recovery Native gives you the flexibility to recover individual database objects from native SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000 backup files instead of restoring full backups. SQL Object Level ... Read more

  8. Description: Packages a database for deployment or update. SQL Packager enables you to package the structure and contents of a Microsoft SQL Server database or database upgrade into a .NET executable file or a C# project, so that installing a database is much simpler. ... Read more

  9. Description: Rapidly mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups. SQL Virtual Restore lets you mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups, without the need for a physical restore. Powered by industry-proven HyperBac technology, it ... Read more

  10. Description: Everything you need for protecting sensitive data in SQL Server. SQL Data Privacy Suite from Redgate helps you protect your business by providing a scalable and repeatable process for managing personally-identifiable information (PII), as it moves through ... Read more