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  1. 1. Military Icon Archived

    Primary Category: Icon Components

    Description: Comprehensive set of MIL-STD-2525B military symbols. Military Icon is a single WPF control that can be used to configure 1,200+ military war fighting symbols based on MIL-STD-2525B. This control is intended for use by developers creating WPF application ... Read more

  2. 2. VantagePoint Maps Archived

    Primary Category: Map Components

    Description: Interactive map of the United States for .NET WPF applications. VantagePoint Maps is a single WPF control comprised of a United States composite and 50 child controls representing the individual states. This control is designed for use in .NET 3.5 Windows ... Read more

  3. 3. VantagePoint Trend for WPF Archived

    Primary Category: Chart Components

    Description: Visualize and track changes in data over time. The VantagePoint Trend control can be used to visualize and track changes in data over time from a given data source or set of data sources. Along with tracking live data changes, VantagePoint Trend is also ... Read more

  4. Description: Create intuitive and compelling screens. VantagePoint WPF Controls is a suite of user interface components designed for use by software developers and designers using Microsoft .NET 3.5 as the platform for their software products. VantagePoint consists of ... Read more

  5. Description: Build, use, and share your own Design Libraries from within Visual Studio. Designbox is a new kind of Visual Studio Toolbox that lets you develop and reuse sets of properties and values called Designs. These control designs can be dragged and dropped ... Read more