Visual Studio 2010 / Syncfusion

  1. Release Notes: All of Syncfusion's user interface, reporting, and business intelligence components and libraries in one comprehensive suite. Latest Service Pack release. Syncfusion has released a Service Pack update across their Essential Studio product range. ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: Improves SmithChart control. SmithChart Added clipboard support when copying charts to bitmap images. BulletGraph Top and left padding now added properly in bullet graph while saving the bullet graph as image. CheckBoxAdv StringValue property is now ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Circular Gauge control adds the ability to customize tooltip text. Circular Gauge control adds the ability to customize tooltip text. DocIO Paragraph style template preserved properly while open and save DOCX format Word document. Picture Watermark is now ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: Improves PdfViewer, PropertyGrid and TextBoxExt controls. NotifyIcon Added command support for click and double-click events. PdfViewerControl Added code-behind support for customizing minimum and maximum zoom level. PropertyGrid Added support for ... Read more

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    Compatibility: Component Type Blazor Components ASP.NET Core ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web Forms Xamarin Flutter Components .NET WinForms .NET WPF UWP Control Compatible Containers Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 ... Read more

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    Description: Deliver sophisticated Silverlight line-of-business applications with this comprehensive suite of 100+ user interface, business intelligence and reporting controls. With Syncfusion Essential Studio for Silverlight, you can easily create rich, compelling ... Read more

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    Description: A comprehensive suite of enterprise-class control extensions for HTML and Silverlight clients, with UI, business intelligence, and reporting functionality. Syncfusion Essential Studio for LightSwitch includes 25+ extensions - data grids, charts, maps, ... Read more

  8. Syncfusion Essential BI Chart Archived

    Brand: Syncfusion
    Primary Category: Chart Components

    Description: Business intelligence chart controls for the display of OLAP data. Syncfusion Essential BI Chart is a great way to visualize business-intelligence data buried in OLAP and relational databases. Syncfusion Essential BI Chart is an interactive control with ... Read more

  9. Description: Create OLAP reports and dashboards in a WYSIWYG manner. Syncfusion Essential BI Client control is a ad-hoc analysis tool that can be easily bound to any OLAP database. End users have all the dimensions, measures and KPIs (key performance indicators) ... Read more

  10. Syncfusion Essential BI Gauge Archived

    Brand: Syncfusion
    Primary Category: Gauge Components

    Description: A gauge control for the display of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Syncfusion Essential BI Gauge provides users with the ability to display Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from OLAP cubes. KPIs can be displayed with goals and status visualizations ... Read more