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  1. Release Notes: Improves PdfViewer and TabbedForm controls. PdfViewerControl Exposed MinimumZoomPercentage API to set the minimum zoom percentage for PdfViewerControl. Exposed ShowPrintStatusDialog API to show or hide the print status dialog when printing the PDF ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: Adds over 400 built-in shapes to the Diagram control. .NET Core 3.0 The controls are now supported in .NET Core 3.0 preview. A separate set of libraries is provided for .NET Core 3.0 preview to take advantage of the new features. Diagram Built-in shapes - ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Improves Accordion, Expander and PdfViewer controls. Xamarin.Forms SfAccordion Themes support has been provided for SfAccordion. Provided support to customize the icon color for SfAccordion. SfExpander Themes support has been provided for SfExpander. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds support for adding custom stamp annotations to PdfViewer control. SfPdfViewer Support for adding custom stamp annotations. ... Read more

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    Description: Build modern web applications with ease with this comprehensive suite of 50+ HTML5-powered ASP.NET Core components. Syncfusion Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core helps you deliver touch and mobile-friendly line-of-business Web applications that run on ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: Improves PdfViewer, PivotGrid and Spreadsheet controls. PdfViewer Removed the temporary file stored in the temp folder while calling the Unload() method. Provided the supports for saving the XFA form fields. PivotGrid Delimiter option can be customized ... Read more

  7. Release Notes: Improves TreeView, ListView and HeatMap controls. Document Editor Added API to insert a bookmark and fetch all bookmarks in a document. Added API to insert hyperlink. HeatMap Provided the tool tip template support for customizing the cell tool tip. ... Read more