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    Description: Design and print barcode labels and tickets from almost any data source. Really Simple Labels is an application for designing and printing 1D barcode labels and tickets from almost any data source, including Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Text or ... Read more

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    Description: Insert barcodes into OLE-enabled applications. dBarcode Pro enables you to create fully resizeable barcode images for most common 1D barcode types. Create the image in dBarcode and copy it to the clipboard ready for pasting into other applications, or ... Read more

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    Brand: dLSoft
    Primary Category: Imaging & Barcode Applications
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    Description: A powerful barcode label design and printing system. dLabel is a label and form printing system that allows you to print labels on single and multi-column labels, pages, and envelopes using any Windows-supported graphics printer. dLabel can use its own ... Read more

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    Description: A tool for analysing high-resolution images of printed 1D barcodes. Barcode Analyser reports on the quality and structure of printed barcodes. It can be used to verify that barcodes contain the correct data, including the positioning of FNC characters in ... Read more

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    Description: A package of barcode image creation, label printing and verification tools. The Barcode Desk is a package that includes tools to create barcode images, print barcode labels and verify printed barcodes. It includes four tools Barcode Analyser, Really ... Read more

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    Description: Create decorative QR Codes. dQRCodes generates decorative QR Code symbols and can save them to BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF or WMF formats, and with graphics resolutions up to 2400 dpi. They are ideal for advertising, promoting and passing information to anyone ... Read more

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    Description: Easily create barcodes for printing, copying or saving as graphics files. Really Simple Barcodes is an application for generating barcodes that can be printed, copied to the clipboard for pasting into other applications, or saved as graphic files. You can ... Read more

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    Description: Graphical planning, analysis, and design tool that enables enterprises to build complex client/server applications and databases. Visible Analyst provides strategic planning, data modeling, business process modeling (BPMN), UML modeling, structured ... Read more

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    Description: Display the decoded byte pattern of scanned barcodes. Barcode Byte Reporter takes input from a suitable USB or serial port barcode scanner and displays the byte pattern decoded by the scanner. It is of particular value for testing the position of FNC1 ... Read more

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    Description: Design and print labels with barcodes from almost any data source. AnyLabels allows you to design and print labels from almost any data source, including Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Text or CSV files, SQL databases, Oracle databases, or most ... Read more