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    About Interactive Application Modeling

    Description: Simplify and manage projects visually. Interactive Application Modeling enables managers and employees to produce quick models of projects without providing lots of detail about the items or the entities that make up that project. Interactive Application ... Read more

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    About Interactive Project Manager

    Description: Collaborate with others on software projects. Interactive Project Manager enables you to manage projects using visual models. It enables multiple people to work together on a single project. Managers and employees can have access to the same project model ... Read more

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    About Interactive Project Modeling

    Description: Precisely model your application. Interactive Project Modeling lets you make a visual representation of your application including details of all entities that are identified in your application. It enables managers and employees to work in a project ... Read more

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    About Software System Design and Modeling

    Description: Visually model and design software. Software System Design and Modeling enables developers to model and design software by viewing it as a system. When designing a system, you start with a system requirement and then translate this into a real product. ... Read more

  5. About AppMetrics (COM+)

    Description: Maximize the availability of your COM+ component applications. AppMetrics (COM+) makes your applications more reliable and efficient by providing application usage and performance analysis; bottleneck detection; software component "hot spot" ... Read more