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  1. Release Notes: Status panel redesigned to better fit small browser windows and mobile devices. Electron Version Updated - TestCafe Studio now uses Electron v7.1.2. This version provides stability and performance enhancements. Linux 32-bit Support Discontinued - Recent ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Release Notes: Improves copy/paste behavior. Remove the Selected Test Actions - The Remove actions button in the Test Editor toolbar now removes selected actions only. To remove all actions, use Cmd/Ctrl+A and click Remove actions. Copy/Paste Behavior Enhancement - In ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Copy test actions. Corrupted screenshots in the exported report archive. In Firefox only, when uploading file, the File Upload system dialog stays open. Input with type="image" is not displayed in iframe. TestCafe Studio crashes with segfault on ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Improves report filtering and Parameters Panel. A report filter doesn't work and cannot be saved. Parameters Panel is not shown in the Safari browser. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Release Notes: Improves scheduling and Web Report Designer. A scheduling job generates an empty dashboard if the dashboard contains a data source with a custom query There is discrepancy with a default report name in the Web Report Designer and End-User Report Designer ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: New API allows you to export reports and dashboards to various file formats on-demand. Docker Images - You can now easily deploy the Report & Dashboard Server to a Windows-based machine using the images published on the Docker Hub. Export API - The ... Read more