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  1. Features: MDriven Framework is Framework that allows you to model your requirements in UML – and get an exact match of this as a domain layer in c# code. The model and MDriven Framework also helps you to bind your domain layer data to UI technologies as WPF, ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Features: MDriven Server (former BoringPredictable, BorPred) is an IIS application that stores your MDriven data in a database. Taking all the abilities of the MDriven Framework’s remote persistence mechanism that allows for automatic db schema maintenance and ... Read more

  3. Features: Based on proven technologies like JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MDriven Framework, Azure and SQLServer. If you are an information architect targeting a specific domain you will appreciate that MDriven Turnkey will do as you say and produce a responsive ... Read more

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    Primary Category: Cloud Services
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    Features: You may utilize Perpetual Licenses for one-time sales in which the customer pays for your product license up-front and has the right to use it indefinitely. You may utilize Subscription Licenses for a monthly or annual licensing model, allowing users to ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Features: Here in this section, you can assign and monitor software dealers and oversee the sales made by them with the licenses you create in the Licenses section. ... Read more

  6. Features: Here in the Licenses section, you can add different types of software licenses in line with how you’d like to monetize your digital products. You can either add Perpetual Licenses, Subscription Licenses or Trial Licenses. After you click on the license ... Read more