Delphi / HexaTech - Best Selling

  1. 1. ViewPro Buy Now

    Brand: HexaTech
    Primary Category: Reporting Components

    Description: Build sophisticated runtime reports or technical drawings. ViewPro is a dynamic report generator for building reports or drawings that are difficult or impossible to achieve with a static report writer. It lets you place tables, graphs, pictures, and ... Read more

  2. $$ | Buy

    Description: Add customizable toolbars and menus to your applications. AceToolbar is an ActiveX component for creating a variety of active toolbars and menus that can emulate the look and feel of Internet Explorer CoolBar, Office 97 toolbars, and others. It can also ... Read more

  3. 3. LiveMap Buy Now

    Brand: HexaTech
    Primary Category: Map Components
    $$$ | Buy

    Description: Develop interactive map applications. LiveMap is an ActiveX component that allows you to create any type of map interfaces that you would like your users to interact with. It includes samples of USA maps ready to be included into your applications. ... Read more

  4. 4. XRosyGUI Buy Now

    Brand: HexaTech
    Primary Category: Menu Components
    $$$ | Buy

    Description: Create intuitive and interactive multimedia graphical user interfaces. XRosyGUI supports irregularly shaped buttons and hotspots as well as graphical instrumentation elements such as sliders, gauges, meters, and knobs, and allows you to create any type of ... Read more

  5. 5. ActivePicture Archived

    Description: Create, edit, design, and display bitmaps. ActivePicture allow you to visually or programmatically create bitmap images. It also allows you to perform a variety of bitmap-related tasks such as processing bitmaps, developing runtime bitmap designers, ... Read more