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  1. Customer Review: I have been using IP*Works! for well over ten years now and they have always been there to help. I initially just used their IP*Works! network components (SMTP, FTP, ect). But as I did more and more projects, I needed additional components such as ZIP and ... Read more

  2. Customer Review: This is a great component! I use it for displaying report information as well as programmatically filling in forms for printing and it works perfectly. The documentation is lacking but they do have a forum on their website which they monitor so you can ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Customer Review: The program pretty much works as advertised. Help/documentation is weak. I had a problem printing legal size pages. I used the email support and got a fix within 24 hours. The fix was not documented but worked. With better documentation I'd rate this ... Read more

  4. Customer Review: TX is usable for an easy word processor with basic functions, but if you want to use features like HTML, PDF or working with MS Word documents, forget it. Exporting to PDF still creates poor quality documents, HTML is buggy as long as I can think about it ... Read more

  5. Customer Review: I'm an application developer focused on providing business solutions. I look for tools which will help me accomplish that task as quickly and easily as possible. I don't have time to develop the tools myself so I buy them. I fully expect to have ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Customer Review: I was interesting in their product and wanted to get some questions answered. One has to question the quality of their product if after two days of my calling them they are unable to call me back. barry.grossman [USA] 1 ... Read more

  7. Customer Review: The best third party components.  the guys at syncfusion are so talented and always go extra mile to help you. The support one get from sycfusion is amazing.  I wish you guys all the best zak sadat30 [United Kingdom] 5 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Customer Review: I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very ... Read more

  9. Customer Review: We used the SyncFusion WinRT Toolkit for a project last year with great results, so they were a natural choice when we were looking for a JavaScript control suite for our next project. The components look good, work well, and the SyncFusion support team ... Read more

  10. Customer Review: We have been using the VectorDraw Framework since 2007. We were afraid that there was not a product on the market that would meet the requirements for our new application. Luckily, we found VectorDraw. Their team has been invaluable over the past 6 years. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Customer Review: We used VectorDraw to renew the graphical 2D and 3D design environment of our software. The staff of VectorDraw worked very well, and we are very pleased with the results. Their technical support was courteous, on time and very efficient. It is really a ... Read more

  12. Customer Review: The VectorDraw component was an excellent fit for my needs. It works well in the .net enviroment and had all the functionality I required. I have used their tech support several times and always found them very helpful. dmurphy [GA, USA] 4 ... Read more

  13. Customer Review: Probably the best add on I have ever bought. The calendar and report controls are exquisite. This suite has to be the nearest thing to perfect I have ever used. Can't speak highly enough of this suite. I always wish that some one would post reviews ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Customer Review: Once you understand the philosophy of the Suite-Controls, you have an unbeatable resource for developing great looking applications. I've wriiten an ERP application with it and I'm very satisfied with the robust components. hjm [Germany] 5 ... Read more

  15. Customer Review: This product is exceptional. I was very suprised to find just how simple it was to get things implemented. I took my GUI from "plain and oridinary" to "way cool" in just a couple of hours. I was amazed with the difference. I only wish ... Read more

  16. 7. ProEssentials Buy Now

    Brand: GigaSoft
    Primary Category: Chart Components

    Customer Review: Pro Essentials is a great tool. Support and documention were excellent. MikeP [Canada] 5 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Customer Review: This is a great Charting tool that does everything and more a programmer can ever want. Also great technical support I called this morning and got Robert on the phone who gave me the answer to my question in seconds. This type of no hassle support is what ... Read more

  18. Customer Review: A superb component. Integrated seamlessly, good documentation. Highly recommended. snester [United Kingdom] 5 ... Read more

  19. Customer Review: After I bought a new computer, I was unable to activate the InstallShield product which I own. On support request they do not answer. The so called "offline activation" doesnt work - they didnt activation also didnt worked - I sent the request ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Customer Review: InstallShield Express 2011 has broken Visual Source Safe 2005. I am not able to use VSS with VB.Net 2003, but can do so with other VB.Net series ok. Their support has been slow and after 2 weeks they are now announcing that they can replicate the problem, ... Read more

  21. Customer Review: I've been using the product since version 2.0. During versions the software has become more expensive and the language support has disappeared. The software is good for its job, except it has some problems with non existing drives. It also uses ... Read more

  22. Customer Review: I have been using AddFlow for about 3 years. I have built several relationship mapping gadgets that have garnered much kudos from my users. I have a couple of small nits concerning link styles and labeling, but they are too minor to mention. If you need ... Read more Show more results from this product

  23. Customer Review: The greatest diagram tool I've ever seen! A great number of possibilities, reliable, beautiful user interface and an extremely nice and convenient class interface-real pleasure for programmer. Is used in our software as a tool for Reliability Block ... Read more

  24. Customer Review: This is a great product. After trying and rejecting several other drawing solutions (eg. Interact, Visio) we settled for the Addflow component. We have used it since Version 2 and it has been a solid component vital to our product. We have developed a ... Read more