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  1. Description: Communications, security and e-business components. /n software Red Carpet Subscription includes every edition of every product /n software offer in a frequently updated subscription service. You get tools for every major communications and security ... Read more

  2. Description: Render reports and Dashboards in your applications. Stimulsoft Ultimate is a universal set of tools for creating reports and dashboards. The product includes a complete set of tools for WinForms, ASP.NET,.NET Core, Blazor, JavaScript, WPF, PHP, Java, ... Read more

  3. Description: A complete set of file format manipulation APIs. Aspose.Total Product Family Pack lets you easily manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats using native APIs for.NET, Java, Android, C++ and other Platforms. ... Read more

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    Description: Web-based JavaScript/HTML WYSIWYG text editor. Froala Editor is a lightweight WYSIWYG HTML editor written in JavaScript that enables rich text editing capabilities for your applications. Simple to use, lots of features don't have to overwhelm the ... Read more

  5. Description: An easy to use report generator for JavaScript. Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a robust set of components for working with reports. The report generator works in any JavaScript application, installation of browser extensions or frameworks is not required. The ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Added support for displaying cards when resizing the "Cards" dashboard element. The height of the empty line in the "View Data" dialog. Displays a text component when overlaid on a Shape component. Problem with selecting values in the ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Aspose.Slides for.NET V24.2- February 16, 2024 Aspose.Slides for Android via Java V24.2- February 19, 2024 Aspose.Slides for C++ V24.2- February 20, 2024 Aspose.Slides for Java V24.2- February 19, 2024 Aspose.Slides for Node.js via Java V24.2- February 20 ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Text layout issue when converting VSDX to SVG. Lost gradient fill when converting VSDX to SVG. Icons on the top left and right are incorrect. Updates in V24.2 1 ... Read more

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    Description: Recognize and generate 1D, 2D and Postal barcodes from different images. Aspose.BarCode for Node.js via Java is a barcode scanning and generation API. Developers can integrate it via the nodejs-java bridge. It can decode common 1D and 2D barcodes from ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Aspose.Cells for Node.js via Java V24.2- February 7, 2024 Aspose.Diagram for Node.js via Java V24.2- February 5, 2024 Aspose.Slides for Node.js via Java V24.2- February 20, 2024 0 ... Read more