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  1. Customer Review: I needed to save an OCR result as PDF. I searched the Internet for a library that saves searchable PDF, I found many free libraries but all of them were hard to implement or full of bugs. Also there was no support with the free stuff. Finally I ended up ... Read more

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  8. Customer Review: Used for day to day work, I've taken the opportunity to purchase the suite for myself to further improve my skill-set in DevExpress products. As a winforms developer looking to move into web in future, I cannot recommend their suite of tools or their ... Read more

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  13. Customer Review: Excellent product. Great support. We have tried different product suites, and Infragistics' is the best so far. The components are well-designed with great functionalities. The suite covers almost every requirement that we set. Thus, our development ... Read more

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  16. Customer Review: I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very ... Read more

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