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    Brand: O2 Solutions
    Primary Category: PDF Components

    Customer Review: The is most relaible and dependable PDF viewer I have found. The support has been great, but the update support is pretty expensive. It has met my needs for all my applications. rkamp [CA, USA] 5 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Customer Review: We use this product in our commerical product. Easy to use, very dependable, support is very responsive. Highly recommended! andyb90 [USA] 5 ... Read more

  3. Customer Review: I chose PDF4NET because of the broad features and the simplicity of their sample code. I have found the product to be extremely easy to use and it has lived up to my expectations. Their support team has also been responsive and effective. I highly ... Read more

  4. Customer Review: We have been using this product for a year. Generally good. However, had a problem and I had to get involved for them to sort it out. Also, this product do NOT support all PDF files which is not displayed on either this or their ... Read more