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  1. 1. Krypton Navigator Archived

    Primary Category: Panel Bar Components

    Description: An advanced Navigation features to your applications. Krypton Navigator is an advanced navigation component for Visual Studio 2005 and higher. Krypton Navigator will allow you to change colors, fonts, images, positioning, alignment, navigation modes on ... Read more

  2. 2. Krypton Ribbon Archived

    Primary Category: Ribbon Components

    Description: Add the Office 2007 Ribbon to your applications. Krypton Ribbon is a Office 2007 stile Ribbon component with rich design time support so you can have a professional looking application up and running in minutes. Krypton Ribbon functionality includes ... Read more

  3. 3. Krypton Suite Archived

    Primary Category: Ribbon Components

    Description: Add Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon and navigation features to your applications. Component Factory Krypton Suite currently includes Krypton Ribbon, Krypton Navigator, Krypton Docking and Krypton Workspace. Krypton Ribbon is a Office 2007 and 2010 stile ... Read more

  4. 4. Krypton Toolkit Archived

    Primary Category: Themes Components

    Description: Add Office 2007 styling with Vista Glass to your applications. Krypton Tookit includes palettes and templates you can use to style the user interfaces of your applications. Krypton Toolkit includes an extensive documentation integrated into the Visual ... Read more

  5. 5. Krypton Workspace Archived

    Primary Category: Tab Components

    Description: An innovative approach to organizing your document area. Krypton Workspace is a software component that allow your users to reposition the pages at runtime by dragging the page headers and dropping them into new positions. Each workspace cell is based on ... Read more