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    Description: Convert between 50+ document formats from within your Java applications. GroupDocs.Conversion for Java helps developers build applications with file conversion functionality for more than 50 file formats. It supports business document conversion among ... Read more

  2. Description: HTML5 document viewer control for ASP.NET and .NET applications. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET helps you create applications that can render and display documents and images in 90+ file ‎formats without installing any external software. The file viewer ... Read more

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    Description: Read, write, edit and remove metadata from all popular file formats as well as compare, search and export metadata to a specific format. GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API can be consumed as a Metadata viewer for CRUD operations. It helps developers to read, ... Read more

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    Description: Java APIs to manipulate meta information as well as compare, search and export metadata to a specific format. GroupDocs.Metadata for Java is a metadata management API for documents to create, preview, analyze, update and remove meta information from all ... Read more

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    Description: Add document watermarks for images, PDF and Microsoft Office documents within any Java based application. GroupDocs.Watermark for Java is a document watermarking API that can add, search for and remove watermarks in supported file formats. The API is a ... Read more

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    Description: Combine multiple files and split, remove or reorder document pages. GroupDocs.Merger for Java is a document manipulation API that helps you merge, split, swap or remove document pages. The API provides protection by enabling or disabling passwords and ... Read more

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    Description: Java text searching and indexing API. GroupDocs.Search for Java allows you to create applications that perform search operations. The Java API enables you to create and merge multiple indexes. Use Simple, Boolean, Regular Expression (Regex), Fuzzy and ... Read more

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    Description: Redact, hide or remove sensitive content & metadata from documents, worksheets, presentations, ‎and PDF files. GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET is an API library that helps you erase sensitive and classified data from ‎various file formats, such as, ... Read more

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    Description: Merge multiple files into a single document. GroupDocs.Merger for .NET enables your .NET applications to combine, split, rearrange, swap and trim document pages, slides, images or diagrams. You can perform these operations on secure files by setting or ... Read more

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    Description: Merge documents in any application using document merging APIs. GroupDocs.Merger Product Family Includes .NET and Java APIs for document merging, removing, reordering and combining of pages. The APIs also provide protection by enabling or disabling ... Read more