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  1. Description: Light-weight DOM editing library. Netrix DOM Editor is a .NET library that allows you to Access any HTML/XML/XHTML content, from a URL or file system. The Netrix DOM Editor component can access any element using DOM and expose their properties and methods ... Read more

  2. 2. Netrix Shapes Archived

    Primary Category: Flowchart Components

    Description: Add flowchart and shape drawing capabilities to your applications. Netrix Shapes is a sophisticated HTML driven drawing .NET WinForms component that can be used to create flow diagrams and workflow designs with advanced design elements. It provides ... Read more

  3. Description: Enable easy HTML editing in .NET Win Forms applications. NetRix Professional, developed for .NET Win Forms applications. It is a fully functional MSHTML implementation that does not use the Interop-DLL, enhanced with lots of sophisticated features. It ... Read more