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    Description: Rich hierarchical presentation of data and custom controls. IntegralUI TreeView gives you the next step in creating professional and modern user interface. With it you can customize the hierarchical presentation of data. Images, text and custom controls ... Read more

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    Description: Add a combination of TreeView and ListView controls to your applications. IntegralUI TreeListView comes with a built-in Live Editor and advanced Drag & Drop support, fast node and node list creation, XML encoding of Nodes, Columns and Subitems, rich ... Read more

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    Description: Suite of 27+ advanced.NET User Interface components. IntegralUI Studio is a set of rich user interface controls. The package includes docking and tabbed document management controls, advanced data visualization controls, multiple containers and controls ... Read more

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    Description: Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue. IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced Web Components including Accordion, Menu, TabStrip and TreeView for use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework. All components come with many ... Read more

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    Description: Data presentation controls. IntegralUI Lists is a set of four feature-rich visualization controls for data and collections of items. IntegralUI TreeView for rich hierarchical treeviews; IntegralUI ListView  for display, selection and sorting of data and ... Read more

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    Description: Advanced.NET Tab Control. The IntegralUI TabControl is an advanced control which has an option to merge a set of tabs and a toolbar in a single line. This allows you to use the same tools for every visible page. There are many options to change the ... Read more

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    Description: Collection of advanced user interface components. IntegralUI Containers is a set of four advanced container controls which are easy to use and fully customizable. The included controls are: Expander, which is an expandable container which also has the ... Read more

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    Description: Display, select and sort data item collections. IntegralUI ListBox is a.NET WinForms custom control, with plenty of options for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections. With it you can customize the presentation of data like never ... Read more

  9. Description: Rich multi-column hierarchical data visualization control. IntegralUI ListView is a.NET WinForms custom control, with plenty of options for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections. It has four different views to display items (Details, ... Read more

  10. Description: Advanced dockable windows and tabbed documents management solution. LidorSystems.Collector is a.NET class library featuring next generation of windows docking system, bringing a new level of user interaction with your applications. Bundled with many ... Read more