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  1. Description: Add a lightweight scheduling component to your ASP.NET AJAX applications. RadScheduler is a component that blends rich Outlook-style functionality with usability enhancements pioneered in Google Calendar. The product delivers swift performance, simplified ... Read more

  2. Description: Add a smooth or step-based slider to your ASP.NET AJAX applications. Telerik RadSlider is a flexible UI component that allows users to select a value from a defined range using a smooth or step-based slider. The control is completely customizable in terms ... Read more

  3. Description: Add rich tooltips to your ASP.NET AJAX applications. RadToolTip is a context-sensitive tool for displaying rich content, detailed information, overlaid forms, or just about anything that should appear over a given element OnMouseOver. The tooltip area is ... Read more

  4. Description: Simplify the data access plumbing in desktop and Web applications. Telerik OpenAccess ORM comes with both forward and reverse mapping support and the tool offers transparent persistence for your DAL and business objects. Telerik OpenAccess ORM provides ... Read more

  5. Description: This comprehensive toolset allows you to rapidly build commercial-grade interfaces for web and desktop applications and meet the diverse functional, design, and usability requirements of your clients. ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and robust WinForms & ... Read more

  6. Description: AJAX-enable any new or existing ASP.NET application without writing a single line of code. Telerik RadAjax framework provides a universal, cross-browser approach for AJAX-enabling of ASP.NET applications. The core of the Telerik RadAjax framework is Click ... Read more

  7. Description: Add calendaring functionality to your ASP.NET AJAX applications. RadCalendar benefits from the ASP.NET AJAX framework to become an advanced date input control. Its feature list includes functionality like integrated date-picker, context menus, etc. ... Read more

  8. 8. Telerik RadChart i

    Primary Category: Chart Components

    Description: Display customizable charts in your ASP.NET AJAX applications. Telerik RadChart for ASP.NET AJAX introduces novel features and enhancements for rich functionality and data presentation capabilities. Its innovative rendering engine provides remarkable ... Read more

  9. Description: Add versatile combobox functionality to your ASP.NET AJAX applications. Telerik RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX is a drop-down list control. It has rich client-side capabilities and load-on-demand mechanism for superior performance in heavy-data scenarios ... Read more

  10. 10. Telerik RadDock i

    Primary Category: Docking Components

    Description: Moveable, dockable content place holder for ASP.NET. Telerik RadDock is versatile component for page personalization. It represents a content placeholder, which can be moved, docked/undocked, resized, pinned, minimized and so on. The customized page ... Read more