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  1. Customer Review: Why on earth would anybody want to load 18,000 records into a tooltip! Probably better to do some proper UI and design the app to use normal grids etc rather than the latest GeeWhiz component. I am not knocking the ToolTipsFactory I can see the need to ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Customer Review: We would like to reply to some of the statements made above: We think that a control with a 400+ page help file or documentation set is not what can be called a "trivial" tooltip component. Maybe a look into the documentation would have been ... Read more

  3. Customer Review: Are these guys kidding with this thing? $240 for a trivial tooltip control? Anybody actually TEST this piece of junk? Takes longer to load than a treeview with 18,000 records. Unusable! If it loaded as fast as a standard .NET tooltip, I'd value it at ... Read more