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    Customer Testimonial: Your product is one of the most exceptional items I have ever purchased. Powerful, easy to use and fast. David Schneider, Head of Research & Risk Management, UniSuper Management ... Read more

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    Customer Testimonial: We have appreciated the programmability and ease of use afforded to us by using TX Text Control. Brian K. Chamberlain, developer, US Air Force ... Read more Show more results from this product

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  4. Customer Testimonial: TX Text Control Server helped us to convert HTML to MS Word in a very stable intranet solution. Peter Kuhne, Business Management, Deutsche Bank AG ... Read more

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    Brand: Mindscape
    Primary Category: Data Access Components
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    Customer Testimonial: LightSpeed helped me perform better at my job. It doesn’t pollute your domain model and generates fantastic SQL queries that are better than the queries I write myself. It's faster than any tools I’'ve used in the past as well. Ivan Porto ... Read more Show more results from this product

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