Components / Visual Studio LightSwitch

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  2. Release Notes: Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET and JavaScript. Latest maintenance release. DevExpress has released a maintenance update across their entire product range. DevExtreme - Improves Pivot Grid, Data Visualization and HTML Editor controls. ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Improves Charts, Editors and Grid controls. All WinForms products Button - Borders are not drawn with the Office2003 style. DocumentManager - Document selector arrow doesn't update its color on skin change. GroupControl - Incorrect header background ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: Adds new Office 365 Ribbon for WinForms (beta) control. Support for .NET Framework 4.5.2 This release continues to update ComponentOne Studio components to support the latest .NET Framework. Microsoft has ended support for .NET 4.5.1, and based upon ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds two new .NET Core and .NET Standard service components. DataEngine for .NET Core The new ComponentOne DataEngine (C1DataEngine) for .NET Core uses in-memory caching technology to deliver faster extraction, transformation, and loading of large and ... Read more

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    Description: No Code, Instant Productivity in Visual Studio LightSwitch. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers rapidly develop data-based applications with minimal code. ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition takes this ... Read more

  7. Description: Interactive data grid for Microsoft LightSwitch. ComponentOne FlexGrid is now available as a LightSwitch extension. Use the included screen template or add the C1FlexGrid control to your existing screens and get all the functionality you would expect and ... Read more

  8. Description: Easily add business analysis to Visual Studio LightSwitch applications. ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch allows you to snap a pivoting data screen into Visual Studio LightSwitch and instantly get in-depth business intelligence functionality. Create ... Read more

  9. Description: Instant Scheduling in LightSwitch. ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch is a ready-to-use LightSwitch screen that gives you a complete Outlook-style scheduling application. To use, simply add the Scheduler screen to your project and choose a data source ... Read more

  10. Description: Create custom business applications using LightSwitch. NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed for developers and business power users alike who are looking for an easy and fast way to create business applications using LightSwitch. The ... Read more