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    Features: List of features of Active Query Builder Java Edition. Completely visual building of complex SQL queries Visual building of sub-queries Visual building of unions Columns pane allowing to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria Tree pane to ... Read more

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    Features: With SpeechKit, your applications can: Control application functions by speaking rather than having to use a mouse or keyboard. Prompt users for applicable data capture. Capture data by speaking rather than typing. Confirm data capture with spoken or ... Read more

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    Features: VoiceXML is the syntax used in most Voice Response System applications. Use Chant VoiceXMLKit for creating, testing, and debugging VoiceXML offline before deploying to servers. Win over your audience with enriched communications by dynamically generating ... Read more Show more results from this product

  4. Features: Text-to-speech (TTS) markup controls speech synthesis speaking qualities such as the speed, pitch, emphasis, and word pronunciation. Fine-tune speech synthesis with Chant VoiceMarkupKit to markup static text or integrate directly in applications to ... Read more

  5. Features: Integrate Speech Technology for hands-free operation of applications from anywhere an end-user can speak and listen. Chant SpeechKit handles the complexities of speech recognition and speech synthesis to minimize the programming necessary to develop ... Read more

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    Brand: PDFlib
    Primary Category: PDF Components
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    Features: Features PDFlib is a library which allows you to generate files in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFlib acts as a backend to your own programs PDFlib doesn't make use of third-party software for generating PDF, nor does it require any other ... Read more

  7. Features: Add-ins Mobiaccess Add-ins are small extensions that add new functionality to the Mobiaccess Development framework. They allow you to customize mobiaccess to fit your own needs and preferences. Requirements: To use the add-ins properly, mobiAccess ... Read more

  8. 6. PD4ML Archived

    Brand: zefer|org
    Primary Category: PDF Components

    Features: PD4ML is available in a number of different license options which have the following features: Feature PD4ML Java Library PD4ML Java Library Pro PD4ML Volume Source PD4ML Source Code License Java library for HTML 3.2 to PDF converting X X X X Standalone ... Read more

  9. 7. XF Rendering Server Archived

    Primary Category: Data Access Components

    Features: XF Rendering Server Editions Comparison General       Feature: Standard Professional Enterprise 32-bit Support • • • 64-bit Support Windows on Windows (WOW) Windows on Windows (WOW) • Maximum number of pages per generated document 300 500 Unlimited Free ... Read more

  10. 8. XF Designer Archived

    Primary Category: Word Processing Components

    Features: XF Designer Features: Feature: Professional Expert General     32-bit Support • • 64-bit Support • • Design Multipage Templates • • Spell Checking • • Embed Raster Images (JPEG, TIFF, etc). • • Advanced     Maps • • Charts • • 3D PDF Objects   • Digital ... Read more

  11. 9. PDFlib pCOS Archived

    Brand: PDFlib
    Primary Category: PDF Components

    Features: PDFlib pCOS Features Supported Input PDFlib pCOS supports all relevant flavors of PDF input: All PDF versions up to Acrobat XI, including ISO 32000 Encrypted documents (password may be required) Damaged PDF input documents will be repaired if possible ... Read more