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    Description: Develop high performance Android apps with the ability to create, manipulate and convert PowerPoint presentations. Aspose.Slides for Android via Java is a PowerPoint manipulation API for mobile application programmers. Android developers can perform a ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: Improves Java 10 and 11 compatibility. Full support for animated GIFs. MANIFEST.MF updated to support new OSGI versions. Improved accuracy of TIFF colors. Improved Java 10 and 11 compatibility. Bookmarks are allowed on block, cell and row level. Added ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds support for setting locales. Added support for setting locales. PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not compliant. JPEG to PDF - Inserted image is invisible. Text overlaps after replace operation. Can't configure using of another default font until ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds MaxiCode and DotCode barcode renderers. Added UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon. Interpolation AutoSize mode added to new renderers. MaxiCode renderer added. DotCode renderer added. ... Read more

  5. Release Notes: Adds support for Strict Open XML Spreadsheet format. Added support for Strict Open XML format. Render comments from ODP files that have no author. Added support for "" namespace in Type attribute in ".rels" parts. ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: Adds support for IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). IP*Works! IoT Released featuring MQTT, AMQP, XMPP, and STOMP. IP*Works! Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) released for .NET, C++, Delphi and more. MuleSoft Connectors for AS2, FTP, SFTP, OpenPGP and more. 3-D ... Read more

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    Description: Convert between 50+ document formats from within your Java applications. GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is a lightweight multi-format document conversion API designed as a middleware for Java applications. It allows you to convert over 50 common business ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Protect workbooks and worksheets in ODS files. Protect workbooks and worksheets in ODS files. Disable pivot table ribbon. Interruption issue saving XLSX file process. Hyperlink not working when referenced from another sheet. Incorrect alignment while ... Read more

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    Description: Includes both Aspose.OCR components, Aspose.OCR for .NET and Java. Aspose.OCR Product Family is a character and optical mark recognition component built to allow developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java and .NET applications. It provides ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds support for setting locales with the API. Support for setting locales with the API. VSDX to SVG - incorrect rendering of the arrows. Location of Text on connectors is wrong in output VSDX file. Unable to open output VDX file with Visio Viewer 2010 ... Read more