Audio Visual Components

  1. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

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    About ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

    Add grid, reporting, charting, scheduling, data manipulation, user interface and more to your .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Device, Windows Presentation Foundation and ActiveX applications. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from all ComponentOne ...

  2. ComponentOne Ultimate

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    About ComponentOne Ultimate

    Build line-of-business and data analysis applications. ComponentOne Ultimate includes all 9 of ComponentOne's Studios - ComponentOne Studio for WinForms, ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, ComponentOne Studio for WPF, ComponentOne Studio for ...

  3. CapturePRO

    About CapturePRO

    Perform robust capturing of digital images and video. CapturePRO interfaces with any video capture device that supports USB, FireWire, WDM, or native DirectShow including digital video and legacy Video For Windows devices. CapturePRO contains managed .NET ...

  4. Infragistics Ignite UI

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    About Infragistics Ignite UI

    A full range of commercial class application user interface controls for jQuery development. Infragistics Ignite UI includes standards-compliant ASP.NET MVC and jQuery controls for HTML5, streaming video and CSS3 Web technologies. This lightweight toolset ...

  5. .Net Multimedia Control

    Brand: Softgroup
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    About .Net Multimedia Control

    Play sound and video files from whithin your Visual Studio .NET applications. Softgroup .Net Multimedia Control is a fast, small and lightweight .NET control that can be used to play most Audio and Video files using .NET technology. .Net Multimedia ...

  6. Video Capture SDK .Net

    Brand: VisioForge
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    About Video Capture SDK .Net

    .NET based SDK that integrates video capturing and processing functions into software. Video Capture SDK .Net implements video and audio playback and capture from a broad range of sources including TV tuners, USB web cams, DV/HDV camcorders, PCI capture ...

  7. BB FlashBack SDK

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    About BB FlashBack SDK

    Royalty free ActiveX controls for screen recording. BB FlashBack SDK is a quick and easy way to add screen recording and playback capabilities to your applications. Royalty free ActiveX controls allow you to record and replay movies of the screen with a ...

  8. Chant GrammarKit

    Brand: Chant
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    About Chant GrammarKit

    Design grammars for high-performance recognition. Context-free grammar recognition enables your applications to capture data very efficiently. Grammars also enable your applications to assert domain constraints to elevate data capture accuracy ...

  9. Chant LexiconKit

    Brand: Chant
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    About Chant LexiconKit

    Tailor pronunciations for maximum clarity. Chant LexiconKit enables you to edit locally installed lexicons (Cepstral, SAPI 5, Nuance Vocalizer and VoCon 3200), create and delete lexicon word pronunciations on demand, export and import lexicon word ...

  10. Chant Developer Workbench

    Brand: Chant
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    About Chant Developer Workbench

    Develop Software that speaks, listens and interacts with users. Chant Developer Workbench provides an IDE for developing and interactively testing speech and natural user interface technologies. It features a multi-document, interactive, customizable ...