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  1. About Workflow Engine .NET

    Description: Add workflow to your applications. WorkflowEngine.NET is a component that adds workflows to your application. It can be fully integrated into your application, or be in the form of a specific service (such as a Web service). The benefits of using ... Read more

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    About /n software SharePoint Workflow Extensions

    Description: Give SharePoint users the ability to automate file transfers and configure notifications based on SharePoint Server updates. /n software SharePoint Workflow Extensions consist of dynamic, easy to configure activities for secure file transfer, secure email ... Read more

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    About /n software Workflow Activities

    Description: Provide robust enterprise ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer for Windows Workflow Foundation.  /n software Workflow Activities for Windows Workflow Foundation includes activities that make it easy to integrate Internet ... Read more

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    About Code Effects

    Description: Pure XML-based ASP.NET and MVC business rules engine. Code Effects lets you write complex rules by selecting rule elements from context-sensitive drop downs. The end result looks like a spoken sentence. You can execute rules from any .NET code and create ... Read more