Data Access Components / VCL Components / Visual Basic 2005

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    About RemObjects Suite Subscription for All Platforms

    Description: Stay up to date with all RemObjects products for all platforms. RemObjects Suite Subscriptions grant you access to all current and upcoming RemObjects products at a great price, without ever worrying about missing out on important updates. Also, as new ... Read more

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    About FoxBurner SDK

    Description: Add Blu-ray/DVD/CD writing and burning to your applications. FoxBurner SDK was designed to support an array of project technologies and media formats. It includes designers and a simple settings navigator to give you complete control. FoxBurner SDK format ... Read more

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    About Data Abstract for All Platforms

    Description: Build scalable multi-tier database solutions. RemObjects Data Abstract is a RAD tool for writing multi-tier solutions. It allows you to create services that access any database, by providing a clear separation between data-access and business-logic. Data ... Read more

  4. About Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi

    Description: Build scalable multi-tier database solutions. Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi is a suite or RAD tools for writing multi-tier solutions in .NET, Delphi and Mono. Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi is a suite including RemObjects Data Abstract for .NET and ... Read more

  5. ContourCube Archived

    Primary Category: Data Access Components

    Description: Add analytical and interactive reporting functionality. ContourCube is a high-performance OLAP component for rapid development of Internet, client-server and desktop business intelligence applications. ContourCube allows end users to perform OLAP and ... Read more