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  1. Features: Xceed Data Manipulation Suite Features: All components provide royalty-free distribution rights. Deployment of server-only applications is limited as described in the license agreement All components are thoroughly and expertly documented and include a ... Read more

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    Features: Features Change AD or Local NT passwords without administrator intervention Supports Forms Authentication (incl. ADAM & Warns users on password change failures or if password does not meet policy Notify users before passwords expire ... Read more

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    Features: The following features list shows how: Built in Service simulator makes it possible to test and debug services without actually installing them as a service. This not only speeds development, but is especially critical for testing startup and shutdown ... Read more

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    Features: Within the products of this suite are the resources to: Create and support State machines, thereby dramatically reducing the number of threads needed to perform background operations. Manage large numbers or varying numbers of asynchronous operations. ... Read more

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    Features: Desawares' Universal COM is a comprehensive suite of components for OCX and ActiveX solution providers which contains the source code for all of the individual products in the collection. Within the products of this suite are the resources to: Escape ... Read more

  6. Features: Other Features Improved and earlier detection and handling of System Shutdown Improved default security handling reduces the amount of configuration needed in remote and DCOM based scenarios Batch creation of Service executables. You can now create your ... Read more