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  1. Description: High-performance UI controls, Reporting and Analytics. DevExpress Universal helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls and more. The feature-complete Universal Subscription includes ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: Aspose.3D for.NET V24.4- April 29, 2024 Aspose.BarCode for.NET V24.4- April 21, 2024 Aspose.CAD for.NET V24.4- April 29, 2024 Aspose.Cells for.NET V24.4- April 9, 2024 Aspose.Diagram for.NET V24.4- April 10, 2024 Aspose.Drawing for.NET V24.4- April 11, ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: DevExpress has released a maintenance update across their entire product range. DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor 23.2.6- Improves GridView, Spreadsheet and HtmlEditor. DevExpress Reporting 23.2.6- Improves Document Viewer and Visual Studio Report Designer. ... Read more

  4. Description: A complete collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, Web, and desktop. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise (formerly ComponentOne Studio) is a comprehensive, flexible collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, web, ... Read more

  5. Release Notes: ASP.NET Bootstrap Bootstrap Data Editors TrackBar for WebForms- The scale labels are misaligned if the control is placed inside a container with the align-text style. Bootstrap Navigation, Layout and Multi-Purpose Controls Toolbar forBootstrap- Checked ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: Aspose.3D for Java V24.4- April 29, 2024 Aspose.BarCode for Java V24.4- April 27, 2024 Aspose.CAD for Java V24.3- April 26, 2024 Aspose.Cells for Java V24.4- April 10, 2024 Aspose.Diagram for Java V24.4- April 9, 2024 Aspose.Drawing for Java V24.4- April ... Read more

  7. Screenshots: 0 ... Read more

  8. Description: Software Developer Tools Collection for Any Platform and Technology. Telerik DevCraft Complete includes more than 1,250.NET and JavaScript UI components that enable you to build modern, feature-rich and high-performing Web, desktop and mobile apps. Plus, ... Read more

  9. Features: Enhance your desktop data visualizations with FlexChart, a.NET WinForms chart control. Mix and match popular chart types and options including stacked and combination plots. Deliver modern-looking, high performance dashboards with fast Direct2D rendering. ... Read more

  10. Description: A complete set of file format manipulation APIs. Aspose.Total Product Family Pack lets you easily manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats using native APIs for.NET, Java, Android, C++ and other Platforms. ... Read more