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  1. Features: Easily transform GIS data into business intelligence with controls for Silverlight, WPF, HTML5, and Windows Phone. By using the ComponentOne award-winning UI controls, you’ll have the tools you need to seamlessly create rich, map-enabled user interfaces. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Features: The new ComponentOne Events Calendar control is a fully functional schedule that allows users to add, edit, and manage their appointments. ... Read more

  3. Features: Now you can get the most popular toolkit themes from Silverlight in ComponentOne Studio for WPF. It’s easy to apply a theme to an entire application or window. ... Read more

  4. Features: New custom mapping report field enables you to visually display data on maps (using ComponentOne Maps for WPF) in your reports. Connections Draw lines connecting different cities to show routes or responsibilities. Visualize Visualize which geographic ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Features: Each is designed to give you the best performance and features for different types of applications. Both grids offer many out-of-the-box features like filtering, hierarchical data-binding, grouping, printing, and exporting to Microsoft Excel without any ... Read more

  6. Features: With a rich object model for generating reports, several UI controls for previewing, and a report designer for creating and designing reports, Reports for WinForms is your all-in-one reporting solution. Generating cutting-edge reports for your .NET ... Read more

  7. Features: Highlighting styles can be completely customized by the end user for each code language, even allowing the changing of text area background and line number margin colors. SyntaxEditor has all the advanced editing capabilities you'd expect to find in ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Features: Any syntax language can optionally support automated completion lists, parameter info, quick info, and code snippets. The completion list is used to display a number of code completion options to the end user, not only providing intelligent information ... Read more

  9. Features: Actipro SyntaxEditor has complete support for code outlining, also known as code folding. Syntax languages can automatically choose where to create outlining nodes (based on tokens, AST's, etc.) or the end user can choose to create outlining nodes ... Read more

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    Features: WebKitX installation package includes HTML5 Editor demo application, which is a simple, yet complete, sample of WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX control. The sample is shipped both as Visual Basic 6 source code project, as well as a complete binary bundle that ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Features: HTML DOM Events are generated by WebKit Blink Engine and are copied into an immutable format before they are transmitted from CEFXClient process to WebKitX ActiveX. Once WebKitX ActiveX receives an event notification through IPC, it fires a COM Event with ... Read more

  12. Features: WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX is a light-weight MFC ATL component for use with OLE/COM Programming Languages. At runtime the ActiveX starts CEF3XClient.exe process, passing to it its Window Handle (hWnd). CEF3XClient Process starts CEF3 Browser and Render sub ... Read more

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    Features: Bars is an advanced bar controls implementation that includes docking toolbars, standalone toolbars, popup menus, and statusbars. The bar controls are based entirely on a command / command link design pattern, allowing for centralized command updates to ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Features: Docking & MDI is a complete solution for easily adding a docking window and/or multiple document interface to your Windows Forms applications. Allow your end users to drag and dock windows wherever they please, and to persist their customizations. ... Read more

  15. Features: Wizard dialogs simplify the user experience of applications by taking complex tasks and breaking them up into a series of simple steps. Wizard is a lightweight control for building these wizard dialogs, while conforming to the Wizard97 specifications. Its ... Read more

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    Features: You can easily export the editor content to HTML or RTF formats, simply copy editor selection to clipboard and paste it. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Features: There is a built-in support for bookmarks and breakpoints. In addition, you can create various types of custom markers. There is an ability to create single line and multi-line static and dynamic color blocks. ... Read more

  18. Features: BCGSoft provide advanced support for IntelliSense. Using this support you can create editors similar to that supplied with Microsoft Visual Studio. ... Read more

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    Features: SyntaxEditor is a powerful text editing control that is packed with features for efficient code editing, including syntax highlighting, code outlining, parsing, line numbers, block selection, IntelliPrompt UI, zooming, adornments, single-line mode, and ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Features: Beautiful menus and toolbars are included, allowing you to add standard UI functionality to your Silverlight applications. Context menus are also supported. ... Read more

  21. Features: New Micro Charts is a set of charts, also sometimes called sparklines, that visualize quantitative data and are designed to render clearly in compact spaces. Many chart types are supported, from basic line and bar charts to stacked area charts. The chart ... Read more