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    Description: A complete Hadoop distribution designed for Windows. Syncfusion Big Data Platform gives you complete access to the Hadoop environment. It includes a complete production environment that can run Hadoop jobs in a scalable manner on a full cluster. The ... Read more

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    Pricing: Syncfusion Dashboard Platform 2018 Vol 2 Includes a 1-year maintenance and support subscription that includes access to unlimited technical support and access to frequent, substantive new releases Per server, with unlimited users - An annual subscription ... Read more

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    Description: Bring data from any source together. Syncfusion Data Integration Platform provides an intuitive visual interface for integrating and transforming data from various sources into analytics-ready data. The transformed data can then be easily used for data ... Read more

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    Description: A complete solution for enterprise reporting. Syncfusion Report Platform is built on the open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification used by products like Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It includes an intuitive drag-and-drop-powered ... Read more