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    Release Notes: Major changes to notifications system, includes new publishers for Slack, Teams, Hipchat and Stride. Notifications The notifications architecture has been redesigned to allow new publisher types and multiple publishers of each type. You can, for example, ... Read more

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    Description: Point, click, build, deliver. FinalBuilder is an automated build and release management solution for Windows software developers and SCM (Software Change Management) professionals. Use FinalBuilder to define, debug, maintain, run and schedule reliable and ... Read more

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    Description: Visual task automation tool for Windows administration. Automise is a Windows automation tool for system administrators and IT professionals that reduces the need for writing script to empower anyone to automate Windows. Automate with Automise to free ... Read more

  4. Description: Automated build and continuous integration server that centralizes build projects through a web interface. FinalBuilder Server simplifies the implementation of sophisticated build, test and release systems and centralizes build management to provide you ... Read more