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  1. 1. WintellectNOW Archived

    Description: On demand training from the presenters who train Microsoft development teams. WintellectNOW is a training solution that delivers knowledge and techniques for expertly developing software, programs and apps. It was developed for novices and advanced ... Read more

  2. Description: Learn all Visual Studio's debugging tricks. Mastering.NET Debugging is an on-line course that shows you how to take advantage of the black art debugging tools used by the experts, no matter which.NET technologies you're using. This course will ... Read more

  3. Description: Learn about performance from requirements to production. Mastering.NET Performance Tuning is on-line course that will get you thinking about performance in the right way. After this course, developers will know how to look at any.NET application and apply ... Read more

  4. 4. Mastering HTML5 Archived

    Description: Learn to build rich, feature-filled Web applications in HTML5. Mastering HTML5 provides developers with the knowledge and skills they need to leverage HTML5 to its fullest, whether your goal is to write richer browser-based applications or write-once, run ... Read more

  5. Description: Learn how to create cross-browser jQuery apps. Mastering jQuery provides developers with the skills they need to leverage jQuery to its fullest, with an eye towards cross-platform HTML5 development. It includes in-depth coverage of jQuery selectors, DOM ... Read more

  6. Description: Learn SharePoint development. Mastering SharePoint Development is an on-line course that will help you learn the ropes of SharePoint development with this comprehensive video series from SharePoint expert Tom Kinser. SharePoint Server provides a ... Read more