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    About SQL Safe Backup

    Description: Hands-free backup across your SQL Servers. Idera’s SQL safe provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. SQL safe saves money by reducing database backup time by up to 50% over native backups and reducing backup disk ... Read more

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    About Deployment Suite for Oracle

    Description: Compare your schemas and data of Oracle databases. Deployment Suite for Oracle includes Schema Compare for Oracle and Data Compare for Oracle. Use it to eliminate mistakes deploying database changes from dev, to test, to production and troubleshoot and ... Read more

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    About SQL Backup Pro

    Description: Compressed and encrypted backup and recovery for SQL Server databases. SQL Backup Pro creates smaller, safer, faster backups of SQL Server databases. Backups are compressed, reducing storage space and hardware requirements (often known as "database ... Read more

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    About SysTools SQL Recovery

    Description: Recover corrupt MDF and NDF database files. SysTools SQL Recovery is an application that lets you quickly and easily recover SQL Server databases. You can recover triggers, rules, functions, tables and stored procedures and also recover deleted table data ... Read more

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    About SQLBackupAndFTP

    Specification:   Professional (Lifetime) Professional Standard Lite Feature Schedule SQL Server Database Backups - Full, Differential and Transaction logs • • • • Send backups to FTP, local or network folder, Dropbox or Box • • • • Backup files - Unlimited number of ... Read more

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    About SQL Toolbelt

    Description: A collection of tools to compare, synchronize, backup, analyze and more for SQL Server. SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to gain access to all the SQL Server tools that Red Gate currently produces, including new releases. This means that when you ... Read more

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    About Monyog

    Release Notes: Includes additional features for better usability and security optimizations. Option to export entire Dashboard charts. Option to search tags in Server selectors. Completely re-designed Servers page. API added to change the mode of Real-time Monitoring. ... Read more

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    About SQL Server Recovery Manager

    Description: A compact solution to manage SQL Server databases. SQL Server Recovery Manager helps you recover corrupt database files. You can open and recover both SQL Primary database file as well as Secondary database files. You can also process SQL Server Log ... Read more

  9. About SQL Backup and Restore Bundle

    Description: Faster, stronger backups and restores for SQL Server database administrators. SQL Backup and Restore Bundle includes SQL Backup Pro - compresses, strengthens and encrypts SQL Server backups, SQL HyperBac - silent compression for faster, smaller SLQ Server ... Read more

  10. About SQL Backup Bundle

    Description: Suite of SQL Server DBA tools. SQL Backup Bundle includes SQL Backup Pro, SQL Response and SQL Multi Script. SQL Backup Pro allows you to compress and securely encrypt backups fast, SQL Response enables you to monitor SQL Server health and activity, with ... Read more