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    About ER/Studio Multiplatform

    Description: Design, modeling and collaboration solution for Enterprise information architects. ER/Studio collaborative way for data modeling professionals to build and maintain enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. ER/Studio builds even further on its ... Read more

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    About Altova UModel Professional Edition

    Description: Visually design application models and generate Java or C# code. Altova UModel Professional Edition supports all 14 UML 2 diagrams plus a unique XML Schema diagram and generates code in Java, C#, and VB.NET. UModel also supports reverse engineering, round ... Read more

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    About Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition

    Description: A suite of XML, SQL, and UML Tools. Altova MissionKit is a software development suite of enterprise-class XML, SQL, and UML tools for information architects and application developers. MissionKit includes Altova XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and other ... Read more

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    About Altova MissionKit Professional Edition

    Description: A suite of XML, SQL, and UML Tools. Altova MissionKit Professional is a software development suite of enterprise-class XML, SQL and UML tools. It includes Professional Editions of XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, UModel, and DatabaseSpy for building today’s ... Read more

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    About CapableObjects MDriven

    Description: Powerful model driven application development tools. CapableObjects MDriven Framework is available for Visual Studio 2015, VisualStudio 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 and provides a model driven framework creating WPF, MVC and WindowsStore applications. Take ... Read more

  6. 6. IRQA Archived

    Description: A complete Requirements Definition and Management in an all-in-one solution. IRQA is a Requirements Definition & Management solution, specifically designed to support the Requirements process. IRQA will allow you to capture, analyse, specify, model ... Read more

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    About Modeliosoft Java Solution

    Description: Boost your Java productivity and quality with Modelio and UML. Modeliosoft's Java Solution is dedicated to Java developers, designers and architects wishing to model Java architectures and software applications. Based on a robust, stable and open ... Read more

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    About Modeliosoft SQL Solution

    Description: Boost your SQL productivity and quality with Modelio and UML. Modeliosoft's SQL Solution is dedicated to developers working on Enterprise data modeling, from conceptual models to SQL implementation. Modeliosoft SQL Solution offers a number of ... Read more

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    About Rapid SQL for Oracle

    Description: Quickly produce high performance SQL code. Rapid SQL helps developers and DBAs produce high performance SQL code quickly and efficiently. With support for Oracle, teams can standardize on one heterogeneous SQL IDE tool. A rich development environment ... Read more

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    About ER/Studio Team Edition

    Description: Enterprise model and metadata collaboration for context, consistency and compliance. ER/Studio Team Server provides greater meaning, understanding and context to enterprise data through team collaboration on an enterprise glossary of business definitions. ... Read more