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  1. Features: ReSharper provides continuous code quality analysis in C#, VB.NET, XAML, XML, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, detecting errors and problems before you even compile, right in the code editor. ReSharper applies over 1300 code inspections to ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Features: New Code analysis, refactoring, navigation, architecture tools and other ReSharper's feature sets work in Visual Studio as fine as they do in previous versions of the IDE. Additionally, ReSharper provides support for Visual Studio-specific features ... Read more

  3. Features: ReSharper's navigation features help instantly traverse your entire solution. You can jump to any file, type, or member in your code base in no time, or navigate from a specific symbol to its usages, base and derived symbols, or implementations. Find ... Read more

  4. Features: Get started faster and find clarity when things become more complex. Easily add patterns to your code. Visualize and understand where and how patterns are used in your code. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Features: Validate your design at each build against standard and custom rules. Code level declaration. Compile time feedback. Customizable rules. ... Read more

  6. Features: Build automation for your own patterns to reduce development effort and improve architecture. Amplify developer skills. Build custom patterns. Exceptional performance. ... Read more

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    Features: Dimension Merge SCD is a powerful replacement for the native slowly changing dimension (SCD) wizard in SSIS. This component includes a much more in depth interface than the standard SCD wizard and does not need the OLE DB Command transform. The component ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Features: The REST Source in Task Factory allows you to connect to almost any web service/cloud application that utilizes a REST API and to bring that data right into your data flow. The component can handle both XML and JSON data being returned from the REST ... Read more

  9. Features: The Task Factory Source retrieves data from any object and can be configured in seconds with very little experience. If you need to import data from Salesforce for in-house processing, the Salesforce Source ... Read more

  10. Features: Support for Visual Studio allows you to get comprehensive Intellisense in the latest Visual Studio version. Now you can get smart autocompletion from Devart in Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Features: Support for SQL Server and SQL Server Compact Edition makes the list of supported server versions complete. You can get advanced SQL Intellisense in all SQL Server versions starting from 2000 and up to SQL Azure. SQL Server dbForge SQL Complete provides ... Read more

  12. Features: Create SELECT and INSERT queries with absolute minimum coding, as now SQL Complete allows defining column lists for selecting, grouping and sorting. The suggestion list supports hierarchical views for table columns and shows information about data type. ... Read more

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    Features: Features: AppWizard The AppWizard builds a complete project under Microsoft Developer Studio. The user can decide whether to include various optional features, such as MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) integration and version information. The project is ... Read more

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    Features: Easily add logging statements on-the-fly and view the output using the integrated log-viewer. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  15. Features: OzCode makes it trivial to find specific objects in memory that you want to explore. ... Read more

  16. Features: Navigate through each inner-exception with a convenient breadcrumb control, and even launch a Google or Stackoverflow search right from within Visual Studio. ... Read more

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    Features: .NET Reflector lets you follow bugs through your own code, 3rd party components, and any compiled .NET code you work with. You can see 3rd party code in Visual Studio, and debug into it just like your own. Go to the definition of compiled code (F12), set ... Read more Show more results from this product

  18. Features: Having the source code available means you’re no longer blocked by poor or missing documentation. So you can see how code runs, avoid bugs and develop more easily with 3rd party technologies. .NET Reflector supports the latest .NET languages, and ... Read more

  19. Features: .NET Reflector works with Visual Studio 2012 (and VS 2010), letting you decompile and debug 3rd party code without leaving the IDE. Decompilation in Visual Studio is dynamic, so source code is always available for your libraries, and you can go straight ... Read more

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    Features: Forget about time consuming formal review meetings. Review Assistant includes an easy setup process so you can start using the product right away, a lightweight review process and streamlined workflows that allow fulfilling your tasks while tracking ... Read more Show more results from this product

  21. Features: Review Assistant integrates with popular version control systems in order to facilitate an easy start for developers including Team Foundation Server (TFS), Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (Hg). Usage of a custom repository is also supported in case you ... Read more

  22. Features: Leave comments at the review level or specific pieces of code and have threaded discussions to eliminate the necessity of scheduling meetings. Change comment and defect statuses, close, delete comments or discussions. ... Read more

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    Features: GhostDoc Edition Comparison - Free, Pro and Enterprise   Edition: Free Pro Enterprise XML Documentation Templates     Document This • • • Document File   • • Document Type   • • File Header   • • For a derived class uses the base class documentation • • • ... Read more

  24. Features: Besides being a standalone tool, Code Compare can be integrated into Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012. This means you can develop and merge code in the context of the current solution and in the environment with which you are working. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  25. Features: With Code Compare, you can also compare differences between folders. The utility for compares folders as well as synchronizing them. ... Read more