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    Features: Database integration is a critical part of most enterprise API. AlchemyJ provides a set of Extended Functions in Excel for all database operations, such as Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD). The AlchemyJ Extended Functions encapsulates low-level ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Features: Without stringent control to the input and output parameters of the API, the API will be prone to error. The data dictionary allows not only users to define various attributes of data but also provides a template for the completeness in the requirements ... Read more

  3. Features: The security of API from AlchemyJ is divided into three stages. The first stage is the authentication. AlchemyJ API supports various authentication, such as LDAP. The second stage is access control. AlchemyJ API checks the role and group of authenticated ... Read more

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    Features: QueryStorm’s code editor sports many of the features you might expect from a modern IDE. It offers intellisense, error squiggles, code formatting, bracket matching, function documentation tooltips, start expansion and more... Full autocomplete for SQL and ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Features: QueryStorm supports connecting to external databases including SQL Server, PosgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite and Access. When connecting, you select which Excel tables will be visible to the database in the form of temp tables. This feature enables ... Read more

  6. Features: With QueryStorm’s C# support you can run LINQ queries against tables in Excel. If you’re loading data from the outside (e.g. REST service), you can write it as a new Excel table and immediately get strongly typed access to the stored data. Quickly ... Read more

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    Features: Total Access Detective Features Compare Any Two Objects in One Database Tables: fields, indexes and properties Queries: fields, parameters and properties Forms and Reports: properties, controls and module code Macro and Module Lines Compare Any Two ... Read more

  8. Features: Winner of Every Best Access Add-In Award Since 1994 Discover why so many Microsoft Access users and developers consider Total Access Analyzer the world's premier Access database analysis program. Total Access Analyzer analyzes all your database ... Read more

  9. Features: Never be in the dark wondering about what type of help your users are looking at. These analytics can be compiled to create a customer performance report to help you illustrate ROI and identify new opportunities for training and support. VisualSP offers: ... Read more Show more results from this product

  10. Features: VisualSP’s announcement bar displays a custom message at the top or bottom of any Microsoft 365 application. You get: A great way to announce important updates that would usually be missed if sent by email. Custom announcements can be shown at exactly the ... Read more

  11. Features: Your users may ignore company email messages, absentmindedly deleting important announcements. VisualSP enables you to automatically load messages on top of their application as a pop-up that is tracked when clicked. This helps: Increase the efficiency of ... Read more