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    Description: TrueType, PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3 and OpenType fonts for barcode creation. MW6 Barcode Fonts makes barcode creation extremely easy for your Windows, Linux, UNIX or macOS application. TrueType, PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3 and OpenType ... Read more

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    Description: Catch every bug, every time. EurekaLog is a new Delphi and C++Builder exception tracer tool that gives your application (GUI, Console, Web, etc.) the power to catch all exceptions, memory leaks and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks. It generates a ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Includes minor bug fixes. 78586: HY/D: additional guard code for THYVCLCrossPlatformVisualPluginWrapper. 78237: HY/D: compatibility with ExpressBars 17.1.4. 78228: HY/D doesn't "Install Import from .NET Assemblies" if VS is not installed. ... Read more

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    Description: ORM for Delphi with LINQ support. EntityDAC provides a framework that allows you to perform object-relational mapping of database objects to Delphi classes with full support for encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and other OOP features. To retrieve ... Read more

  5. Description: Browse and document your Delphi souce code. Documentation Insight integrates into the RAD Studio IDE to enable you to browse and document source code. It also helps you to produce professional API documentation files in a number of formats such as HTML, ... Read more