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    What's New: What's New in XLL Plus V7.0.7 Visual Studio 2015 - A new version has been released which supports Visual Studio 2015. (Including the Community Edition) Compiler Warnings - Changes have been made to the run-time libraries and to the code templates to ... Read more

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    What's New: What's New in SQL Pretty Printer 3.6.0 [sql formatter] Fixed case expression in a plus expression formatting bug. [sql server] Supports try_parse() function. [sql formatter] Added new format option gfmtopt.onlyinsertblankaftergo to support: BLANK ... Read more

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    What's New: What's New in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint V2.2 New SharePoint workflow actions added: Create Document Set in the Document Library; Change SharePoint Group Owner; Add Custom Headers To E-mail; Set SharePoint Site Navigation Options ... Read more

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    What's New: Project properties were extended. In the future, there will be much more to enable and configure. For example, since version 1.19, it is possible to set the project Web Root; the relative path used as the web site root. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. What's New: Every project and server configuration is checked to ensure the user won't have to deal with common issues. Both in project properties or during project launch (F5), issues are checked and automatic repairs are offered to the user. Simply by clicking ... Read more

  6. What's New: This update improves IIS Express support as well. Together with general improvements and fixes, it is now possible to enable SSL binding. In addition to new features, the web site configuration is checked for common problems and certificate issues. ... Read more

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    What's New: What's New in XLL Plus Version 7.0.6 Complex handle types - Object handles can now be complex types and can include namespaces and templates, e.g.: std::map<std::string, std::string>. It is no longer necessary to create a typedef for this kind ... Read more

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    What's New: New features in V5.0: Run functions in a background thread and update Excel using RTD XLL Host module allows you to run your XLL within COM or .NET applications, on machines without Excel New features in V4.3.1: International and localization support COM ... Read more

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    What's New: Whats new in XLL+ V6.3 XLL+ 6.3 contains some exciting new features, including: Hidden regions Almost all of the generated code is now surrounded by #pragma region blocks. This means that almost all of the implementation code for each add-in can be hidden ... Read more

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    What's New: What’s new in Total Visual CodeTools 2010? Supports Microsoft Office 2010, 32 bit Version - Total Visual CodeTools 2010 supports the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. It also supports Office 2000 through 2007, Visual Basic 6, and Windows 7 and ... Read more

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    What's New: What’s new in Total Visual SourceBook 2013? Support for 32 and 64-bit Versions of VBA - Microsoft offers 32 and 64-bit versions of Office and Access 2013 and 2010. The source code in Total Visual SourceBook 2013 is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit ... Read more

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    What's New: What's New in MaintainJ 4.2.0 Search Diagram feature is enhanced to search for values of runtime parameters, return values and object attributes. When search returns methods, they are organized in a tree structure to give a hint of how they relate to ... Read more