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    Pricing: SharePoint Workflow Boost v1.4.1008.0 - Server License 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1113546 Premium Annual Support for 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1113547 SharePoint Workflow Boost v1.4.1008.0 - Site Collection License 50 End User Site ... Read more

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    Brand: Techcello
    Primary Category: Other Development Add-ins

    Description: Multi-tenant application development framework for .NET. Techcello provides a fast way to develop multi-tenant applications on .NET for any cloud. Applications built using Techcello can be deployed on-premise servers, data centres, private cloud of public ... Read more

  3. Description: Essential tools to ensure SharePoint code quality. SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) analyzes SharePoint code from .wsp and .app files. It checks XML, ASPX, JS and CSS for correctness and best practices. It includes four analyzers to check all ... Read more