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  1. Description: Visualize code and intuitively debug. CodeRush helps you write better code faster, refactor faster, run test cases faster, find and fix defects faster. It is designed to simplify common code creation, code restructuring, debugging and testing tasks. Code ... Read more

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    Description: Create better code, more quickly. CodeRush Ultimate helps developers deliver more features with higher quality in less time, by boosting productivity while eliminating the repetition that erodes creativity. It helps you create sophisticated code blocks in ... Read more

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    Description: Automatic Java refactoring. jSparrow is a powerful tool for automatic Java source code refactoring. It is suitable for single developers and for teams of all sizes. It can be applied to simple projects up to complex Java programs with millions of lines of ... Read more

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    Release Notes: PSSharper now starts to offer auto-fixes for syntax errors. PSSharper now starts to offer auto-fixes for syntax errors. Added new keyboard shortcut ALT+ENTER: when there is exactly one default PSSharper fix available for the current caret position, the ... Read more