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    Description: A color-coded SharePoint calendar. SharePoint Calendar Rollup compiles and organizes multiple calendars from SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar or External Databases into one powerful color-coded calendar. From this centralized ... Read more

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    Description: Add calendars with multi-source data support to your SharePoint pages. Calendar Web Part combines events from different SharePoint Lists, from any SharePoint Site, all in one Calendar view. It lets you specify different color sets for different event ... Read more

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    Description: Send emails directly from your SharePoint Web site. Email Web Part allows users to send email messages directly from your Microsoft SharePoint site. You can notify assigned users of tasks or just send regular email messages. Email Web Part provides the ... Read more

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    Description: Send Push Notifications from SharePoint. ArtfulBits Push Message helps you reach SharePoint users on their mobile devices. It contains a SharePoint Web part, an iOS and Android SDK and Web services that send data back and forth. Messages are easily ... Read more

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    Description: Easily view and manage data from multiple calendars and task lists in one central web part. Calendar Plus Web Part combines the collaborative power of SharePoint with an advanced calendar interface. It comes with multiple views including Month, Work Week, ... Read more

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    Description: Harness the power of social media with a community framework for SharePoint Community Central is a flexible, scalable, and affordable knowledge-sharing application, complete with forums, blogs, and social networking features like ratings and scoring for ... Read more

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    Description: Take your SharePoint discussion boards to the next level with enhanced forum features. Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint enhances out-of-the-box SharePoint Discussion Boards with features such as Ratings, Sticky, Suggest and Verify Answers, search ... Read more

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    Description: Connect a Network File Share to a SharePoint Document Library. File Share Library helps you connect to existing network shares and work with files without uploading them to your SharePoint content database with the full functionality of SharePoint ... Read more

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    Description: Track and display employee time spent in and out of the office in Gantt or Calendar views. In Out Schedule Board is aimed at providing an organization with a central area to track shared and human resources - allowing for more effective planning. It is an ... Read more

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    Description: View and update your crucial project items on the go. PM Central Mobile extends Bamboo Project Management Central to mobile devices, giving users access to view and update project items on the go. You can quickly and easily track and update your assigned ... Read more