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    Description: Auto set a SharePoint document title. SharePoint Document Auto Title can set a SharePoint document title with its file name automatically when the document is uploaded or modified in a SharePoint Document library. SharePoint Document Auto Title provides a ... Read more

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    Description: Check in multiple SharePoint documents. Bulk Check In allows you to check-in an entire group of SharePoint documents and change their properties all in one operation. It can also be integrated into the SharePoint Multiple Upload tool making it possible to ... Read more

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    Description: Track, organize and group SharePoint list items by marking them with colored indicators. Category Column allows tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items. The component uses the Microsoft Outlook approach for element categorization. It ... Read more

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    Description: Add due date flags to your SharePoint pages. Follow-Up Column enables due date flags similar to those seen in Microsoft Outlook to be added to SharePoint messages, meeting request, tasks, events, etc. The component derives from the Date and Time column so ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Updated install.ps1/uninstall.ps1 with new signature. Updated install.ps1/uninstall.ps1 with new signature. ... Read more

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    Pricing: Knowledge Base 2.5 - SharePoint Server 2016 Server License for SharePoint 2016 - Includes one year of Basic Support Mfr. Part No: SA05.R2.5.SP2016.ML Our Part No: 553481-915357 Premium Support for SharePoint 2016 - provides faster response time and minor ... Read more

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    Description: Conduct custom user polls and voting to gather valuable feedback from your sites. Poll Web Part helps you conduct custom user polls and voting to gather valuable feedback from your sites. This product contains two Web Parts that allow for online question ... Read more

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    Description: Easily create Business cards from SharePoint or AD profiles. HarePoint Business Cards is designed for publishing user contact information (cards) on site pages with data dynamically drawn from either the SharePoint or AD profile. When a new user is added ... Read more

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    Description: Preview SharePoint content. HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint is a solution which lets you browse your documents and images in SharePoint libraries in the most convenient way ​​HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint is a solution that covers all your needs ... Read more

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    Description: Create powerful geographical maps to display demographic data stored in a SharePoint list or SQL database. Virtual Map View Web Part allows users to display data points as markers on a Google map or Microsoft Bing map using a SharePoint List or SQL table ... Read more