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    About Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS)

    Description: Create Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS files from Reporting Services reports. Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS) is a solution for generating reports in Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS formats in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2016 ... Read more

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    About Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports

    Description: Add barcodes to your Crystal Reports. dLSoft Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports provides the tools needed to include most common 1D and 2D barcodes within Crystal Reports XI or later, either as graphic images or as font-based barcodes. Font-based barcodes ... Read more

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    About SharePoint Org Chart

    Description: Create and share organization charts in SharePoint. SharePoint Org Chart is a Web part which allows you to easily create, search, navigate and display organisation charts in SharePoint. It is quick to install, easy to configure and simple to use. ... Read more

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    About dFont Barcode Fonts for Windows - Code 39

    Description: Create barcodes within any Windows application. dFont Barcode Fonts for Windows enables you to include printable barcodes on your documents, labels or reports. In programmable applications barcodes may be created automatically from appropriate data fields ... Read more

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    About Barcodes & Labels for Office

    Description: Barcode and labelling solution for Microsoft Office. Barcode & Labels for Office provides a collection of tools for creating barcodes in Office documents. Barcode objects may be inserted into documents, and tools are provided for converting a selected ... Read more

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    About Prizm ActiveX Viewer

    Description: Browser based image viewer. Prizm ActiveX Viewer is an ActiveX document viewer used for delivering documents from central repositories to your users via the Web and offers Business Process Managers and Web Developers a new level of controlled presentation ... Read more

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    About SharePoint Ajax Content Load

    Description: Use Ajax to load content from files into SharePoint. SharePoint Ajax Content Load uses Ajax to load content into SharePoint. This simple but powerful solution extends the standard Richtext HTML editor in SharePoint with the option to insert fields ... Read more

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    About List Print

    Description: Print and export clean, easy to read views of any SharePoint list. List Print is a SharePoint feature that adds a "Print List" command to the Actions menu of every SharePoint List, it opens a new window with the contents of the current list ... Read more

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    About Quick Add

    Description: Add multiple items to SharePoint lists in a flash with Quick Add. Quick Add allows users to quickly create multiple list items using a simple text box. Standard SharePoint lists require you to create items individually, which can be painful when you need ... Read more

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    About List Rollup

    Description: Aggregate data from across Sites and Site Collections into a single view. List Rollup helps you consolidate various SharePoint list items from multiple areas and web sites into a single view with the ability to display, filter, and sort relevant ... Read more