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  1. Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint

    Brand: Muhimbi
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    About Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint

    Convert Office documents to PDF from within SharePoint. Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint allows end-users to convert common document types such as MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and InfoPath to PDF format from within SharePoint using a friendly ...

  2. RemObjects SDK for .NET

    About RemObjects SDK for .NET

    Add advanced cross-platform remoting to your applications. RemObjects SDK for .NET is an advanced remoting framework for which allows you to remotely access objects residing on a server from clients inside a LAN or across the Internet. RemObjects SDK for ...

  3. Desaware Licensing System

    Brand: Desaware
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    About Desaware Licensing System

    Add a cryptographic licensing system to your .NET apps. The Desaware Licensing System is a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both ...

  4. FindinSite-MS

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    About FindinSite-MS

    Add fully controllable search functionality to your ASP.NET hosted Web site. FindinSite-MS is an ASP.NET search engine for a Web site or intranet using a Microsoft server. It integrates fully with your site, it doesn't show ads from your competitors, ...

  5. CapableObjects MDriven

    About CapableObjects MDriven

    Powerful model driven application development tools. CapableObjects MDriven Framework is available for VisualStudio 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 and provides a model driven framework creating WPF, MVC and WindowsStore applications. Take your model directly ...

  6. CodeFluent Entities

    Brand: SoftFluent
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    About CodeFluent Entities

    Software factory that helps you build and evolve your application. CodeFluent Entities is a Visual Studio 2008/2010/2011 integrated environment that helps you master present and future Microsoft .NET development technologies. It is a full model-first tool ...

  7. Virto Workflow Activities Kit

    About Virto Workflow Activities Kit

    Extended Activities for Microsoft SharePoint. Virto Workflow Activities Kit is a no-code set of SharePoint activities for creating custom Workflows using SharePoint Workflow Designer. Virto Workflow Activities Kit can be used as an add-on for MS ...

  8. Virto Password Change Web Part

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    About Virto Password Change Web Part

    Allow SharePoint Active Directory or FBAP users to change passwords on their own without administrator help. Virto Password Changer Web Part for SharePoint enables Active Directory (AD) users and users with general accounts (FBAP) to change their ...

  9. SoftwareKey Licensing System

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    About SoftwareKey Licensing System

    Developer and IT Tools for Copy Protection, Licensing, Metering and Sales Automation. Concept Software created the core technologies of the SoftwareKey System used by ISV's (Independent Software Vendors) and enterprise organizations around the globe ...

  10. Neodynamic ImageDraw for ASP.NET

    Brand: Neodynamic
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    About Neodynamic ImageDraw for ASP.NET

    Dynamic image composition solution for ASP.NET applications. ImageDraw for ASP.NET is a set of server controls which generate real time on-the-fly Dynamic Composite Images. ImageDraw can render all raster images supported by .NET Framework through the GDI ...