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  1. Nevron Chart for SharePoint

    Brand: Nevron
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    About Nevron Chart for SharePoint

    Deliver advanced charting solutions to the SharePoint environment. Nevron Chart for SharePoint is an advanced chart web part, which delivers a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, highly customizable axes, advanced data analysis features, tight data ...

  2. CodeRush

    About CodeRush

    Create better code, more quickly. CodeRush helps developers deliver more features with higher quality in less time, by boosting productivity while eliminating the repetition that erodes creativity. CodeRush will help you create sophisticated code blocks ...

  3. Aspose.Total for Reporting Services (SSRS)

    About Aspose.Total for Reporting Services (SSRS)

    Generate DOC, RTF, WordprocessingML, PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS and native Excel reports from Reporting Services and add barcodes to Reporting Services reports. Aspose.Total for Reporting Services (SSRS) is a suite of Rendering Extensions for ...

  4. Aspose.Total for SharePoint

    About Aspose.Total for SharePoint

    Convert between several popular document formats, quickly and reliably, from within your SharePoint document library. Aspose.Total for SharePoint is a compilation of every SharePoint component offered by Aspose. It lets you can easily convert and combine ...

  5. Aspose.Cells for SharePoint

    About Aspose.Cells for SharePoint

    Convert Excel spreadsheets from within SharePoint. Aspose.Cells for SharePoint lets you convert spreadsheet documents directly from your SharePoint document library into many popular document formats (Input: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, CSV, ODS, XML. ...

  6. Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint

    Brand: Aspose
    Category: Barcode Add-ins
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    About Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint

    Insert barcode symbols in Microsoft SharePoint lists. Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint supports more than 40 of the most popular barcode symbologies including linear (Code128, Code39, Code93, EAN13, EAN14 (SSCC14), EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, Bookland EAN, Interleaved ...

  7. VBAssist

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    About VBAssist

    Provide advanced tools to maximize productivity. VBAssist is a Visual Basic add-in that includes a host of enhanced plug-in productivity tools all aimed at reducing the time you spend developing applications. It attaches itself both visually and ...

  8. RSSBus for SharePoint

    Brand: RSSBus
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    About RSSBus for SharePoint

    Add remote information sources to your SharePoint projects. RSSBus SharePoint Web Part builds upon the rich data connectivity features of RSSBus to reach remote information sources and make them accessible from within SharePoint portals. RSSBus SharePoint ...

  9. CodeAssist

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    About CodeAssist

    Speed development time by eliminating repetitive, tedious and time consuming steps from the hands-on part of the code development process. CodeAssist employs breakthrough, template driven technology to help developers create sophisticated data access ...

  10. Aspose.Cells for JasperReports

    About Aspose.Cells for JasperReports

    Export reports from JasperReports and JasperServer to Microsoft Excel. Aspose.Cells for JasperReports is a flexible component that exports reports from JasperReports and JasperServer to Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (XLS). All report features are ...